YIPEE is a locally owned South Australian business that offers children a world-class education in mindfulness and wellbeing. YIPEE was strategically designed from a deep knowledge of yogic practices. This is paired with the latest findings in neuroplasticity and epigenetics to create movement patterns resulting in confidence, and self-regulation techniques that foster a kind and resilient attitude. All of these valuable skills are delivered to the children through engaging and enjoyable games, coupled with a nurturing ambiance. Through our extensive training and experience, we have learned that the delivery of these practices is equally as important as the content. In all classes, we strive to instill patience, confidence, compassion, and focus, as well as an abundance of positive energy.

We find that in the learning environment, a fixed mindset can undermine the neuroplasticity of the brain – that is, the brain’s ability to constantly learn, adapt, and create new pathways. The difference between saying ‘can’t’ and not yet, has a vast effect the outcome. This is why from a young age we teach the importance of practice and attitude to positively impact the child’s future learning experiences.

The YIPEE program is formulated to instill self-regulation to empower each child with the skills for optimised decision making and to navigate the emotions of life’s challenges with a dignified strength.

We teach our classes at child care and early learning centres around Adelaide. Our classes are run predominantly in centres for parents’ convenience as we are aware that not everyone has the time to take their children to extracurricular classes.

We look forward to providing your child with many happy fun-filled memories, and life long confidence all whilst learning the fundamentals of Yoga!

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